About Winepressgirl

A blogger with a big appetite for food, wine and travel!

All my latest blog posts can be found here.


A London based food and wine blogger, with a big passion for all things food, drink, travel, fitness and events in the UK and abroad.

The blog will focus on restaurant and bar reviews, what’s hot in wines and cocktails, tried and tested recipes, travel experiences in the UK and abroad, events worth visiting, rounding off with a drop of fitness (food bloggers must stay fit)!! My first blog Pressed for Wine, was started in 2013 and can be found here. The picture quality was horrendous back then!

With a certificate in wine and spirits (WSET), a working background in hospitality and events (I’m an event manager by day and have organised over 100 weddings); and an empty purse due to my addiction to travel, the blog aims to provide honest inside knowledge of the places you must try.

Follow my journey through London, Birmingham and beyond through taste, sight and scent.

My daily winepressgirl musings can be found on my Instagram and Twitter. I also love a challenge, follow my latest challenge here.

If you are looking for a blogger or have any opportunities in London, Birmingham or abroad, please get in touch. Emails can be sent to winepressgirl [at] gmail [dot] com

winepressgirl blog created by Ireti-Elizabeth Akinroyeje



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