The New Girl

Bluebells at the Edgbaston Reservoir

It’s been a while since I made a real effort to actually type more than 140 characters or post something more than an ever so slightly filtered Instagram. I cannot quantify this time, but time has past and I’ve now found myself in Birmingham.

As a Londoner, I was always under the impression that everything above the M25 ring road was North, like really North. One minute I’m travelling the world and organising weddings and soirees mainly by the River Thames in London and the next minute I’ve upped sticks and moved “North”. I’ve recently learnt that The Midlands, is just that, mid England and still about 2 hours away from a bit of proper Northern land.

I started The Travel Girl with the intent to document my #travel12in2016 journey, alongside all things food and wine, but as life goes, things change and today marks two weeks since I left London. This also means that my #travel12in2016 plans are slightly out the window.

So here I am, it’s May 2016 and I’m no longer a London dweller. I guess as a true Travel Girl, I’ve completed my first task of leaving home and creating a (temporary) home in a new environment. One of my favourite things about travelling is becoming acclimatised to my new surroundings, no matter how foreign they may be. It’s about breathing in the air and taking it all in. I’m here now and I intend on enjoying every moment of it.

Winepressgirl x


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