Drink: Gin, Nibbles and Twitter at The Gin Vault, Birmingham


A few weeks ago a handful of Birmingham bloggers descended inside The Gin Vault  in Birmingham. I’d never been to the venue and an invitation that included gin and meeting lovely bloggers was hard to turn down. The Gin Vault’s canal side entrance and with it being just off Broad Street make it and idyllic location. If you are looking for a bar with a difference just off Brindley Place and The Mailbox keep reading.


#BrumBloggers has recently been revitalised by Ting Newall from The Ting Thing  and Laura Creaven from Full to the Brum. #BrumBloggers (via Twitter and the Facebook Birmingham Bloggers Facebook group), is a humble community of Birmingham based bloggers (and those blogging about Birmingham).

There wasn’t really a fixed agenda for the evening, more of a relaxed, casual affair getting to know the venue and enjoy some nibbles and drinks, whilst gaining informal insights into how other bloggers and social media influencers utilise Twitter.

I’ve been a member of Twitter for around 7 years and you can find me Twittering away @winepressgirl. I find Twitter useful in delivering short bursts of information almost immediately. I don’t have any special secrets, but find engagement is key. In addition to this, getting to know your target audience and followers is imperative.


The tapas style menu at The Gin Vault is ideal for sharing and with the affordable plates costing £4 each or 3 for £10, I’d be tempted to order the whole menu and share with a group of friends over gin and tonics or cocktails. I really enjoyed the coconut butterfly prawns, the calamari with garlic aioli and the satay chicken skewers. The food was very tasting and offered good value for money.

You can find The Gin Vault’s menu here


The Gin Vault started with 30 gins, whilst the current count is now at 44. You’ll find the classics such as Bombay Sapphire and Hendricks, there are also gins such as Martin Millers and Monkey 47. Alongside the gin and tonics expect to find gin cocktails, classic cocktails draught beer and wine. I even spotted a tea and coffee machine.

I used my phone, iPad and camera to take pictures on the evening as the lighting was difficult, nonetheless the evening was enjoyable and informative.

Thanks again to all the amazing Birmingham bloggers, The Gin Vault and Laura and Ting.

Wine press girl x

Who: The Gin Vault and Birmingham Bloggers
What: A canal side, gin bar serving affordable bites and tapas style dishes for groups who like sharing. Drinks for non gin lovers too.
Where: 16 Gas Street, Birmingham B1
I paid for all my own drinks, whilst the food was provided in return for
tweeting. As always my writing, my honest views.

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