Food: First Look at Wrap Lab, Birmingham

22 days into the New Year and I’m pleased to say that the fitness regime is still going extremely well. I’m currently obsessed with the Les Mills Body Pump and Les Mills Body Attack classes, with a bit of killer abs sessions thrown in for good measure. Let’s see if I can say the same thing in two months.

As a food and drinks blogger I’m often eating indulgently and trying out exciting wines and cocktails to feature on my social media feeds. However, I truly appreciate eating well and living a fit and healthy lifestyle, in order to continue sampling the good stuff, for blogging purposes of course!

It was refreshing to find an invitation to Wrap Lab; a brand new, fresh and healthy, fast food dining concept in central Birmingham.


Wrap Lab opened in the Great Western Arcade mid December 2016. Gupy Tiwana is behind the concept, alongside wife Anshu and mother Gabby. The team consulted with award winning Chef Steve Love, now of Loves Consultancy, formerly Loves Restaurant. Loves Consultancy offers advice on menus, wine lists and front of house training to independent restaurants.

dsc_0128dsc_0093dsc_0095dsc_0132dsc_0097Myself and a small group of Birmingham bloggers went to Wrap Lab to compete in a wrap race and to find out a bit about the newest place to eat at the Great Western Arcade. We were warmly welcomed with a glass of Teapigs Matcha Super Power Green Tea Elderflower and Prosecco. Wrap Labs do not serve alcoholic beverages, however it was refreshing to see the Teapigs tea used in a cocktail – very tasty and I will be making this at home! I’ve been a fan of the matcha from Teapigs for years.dsc_0117Back to the all important wrap race, a race to find the fastest wrap making blogger in Birmingham! We were put into teams of three and Gupy demonstrated the perfect way to wrap. First blogger fail, I was too busy taking pictures and didn’t fully get the knack for making the wrap. Guess what? I was first to wrap!

I chose the ingredients for the Bang Bang Chicken,  peanut and chilli dressing, chopped mango and lime, and juicy chicken.dsc_0107dsc_0108dsc_0110dsc_0111So, oh dear. My wrap making skills were abysmal. Serious fail! It wouldn’t stay, so I quickly wrapped it in the white paper and stuck a label on it, you’d be none the wiser! Thankfully it tasted delicious and you’d never have to worry about me wrapping up your wrap at Wrap Lab!dsc_0114dsc_0127Wrap Lab serves flavoursome and nutritious fillings in tortillas or salad bowls, depending on your preference. They also have gluten free wraps available and vegan friendly options. Ingredients are freshly prepared and locally sourced. There are many options on the menu suitable for lunch or dinner and there’s the option to freestyle and create your own unique wrap or salad.

Juices, smoothies, coffee and Teapigs teas are served alongside nibbles such as nuts, Ten Acres crisps and Ten Acres popcorn. Do check out Ten Acres, they have incredible names for their products, all with a story and they are damn tasty. Furthermore, the entire range of Ten Acres’ snacks are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free as well as being Halal and Kosher certified.

Next time I head down to Loki Wine, I’ll be sure to pop in to Wrap Labs and try the Hot Dog Experiment. It consists of locally sourced pork leek sausages, covered in tomato relish,  bound in a Belgian waffle.

If you are keen to try a new lunchtime hotspot near Snowhill, Colmore Row or Great Western Arcade and beat those horrendous queues at the supermarket, try Wrap Labs on your next lunch break.

Thank you Wrap Labs and Barques PR for the invitation.

As always, my writing and my honest views.

Winepressgirl x


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