Event: Seafood Dinner at Cheval Blanc, Moseley

Regular followers of my social media feeds can bear witness to my love of good quality food and fine wine, especially when harmoniously matched together. You can only imagine my delight when I received an invitation to dine with Paul Fulford, Emma Victoria Stokes and Luke Beardsworth at Cheval Blanc in Moseley.

The menu for the evening was all seafood! Hurrah! Created by Head Chef Cydric Tachdjian and matched with wines by Abigail Connolly, on paper we were definitely in for a good time.I made my way into Moseley during rush hour and a glass of wine was just what I needed! Cheval Blanc is the newest fine wine bar in Moseley. Owned by the team behind The Prince of Wales, The Dark Horse and The British Oak, it’s a welcome addition to Moseley and Birmingham. In no way pretentious, expect to find a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and an accessible wine list.

After a glass of wine at the bar, we were shown to our table and asked if we would be having the wine pairing. This is optional, but definitely a worthy upgrade. The seafood menu for the evening was only £19.50 for 5 courses! Birmingham can you believe this? As we waited for our first course I admired the beautiful decor and the most enviable glass-topped-spiral-staircase-cellar. Cheval Blanc is discreetly elegant, but not over the top and in your face – everyone is welcome, from the wine novice to the wine geek, and everyone inbetween.

I have a love-love relationship with oysters, if there are oysters on a menu I must have one. If I am travelling through Europe, I must find an oyster bar. I also know the word for oyster in many European languages..hmmm.

The first course arrived and I couldn’t be happier, oysters! Each course thereafter came beautifully presented and carefully matched with wines that Abigail presented and described throughout the course of the evening.

Poached Rock Oysters in Ginger Lime Jelly – matched with a Riesling from Cave de Turckheim, Alsace
Octopus and Potato Tartare – matched with Papagiannakos Savatiano Old Vines.
Grilled Mussels with Garlic and Parsley Panko Crumbs – matched with a Cave de Turckheim Pinot Blanc from Alsace
Baby Squid, Chilli, Green Olive and Tomato Casserole – matched with a Giné Rosat, Priorat
Queen Scallops, Madras Cream Sauce, Clams and Pilau Rice – matched with Louis Guntrum Riesling, Alsace

Each course was a nice experience, always wondering how the next course will match or exceed the last. The true beauty of multi course dining experiences.

Ched Cyd’s contagious smile!

I particularly loved the Octopus and Potato Tartare, matched brilliantly with a Savatiano.  An indigenous grape variety from just outside Athens, Greece. Papagiannakos’ Savatiano is floral, rounded tropical fruits and herbaceous, lots of texture. Still relatively unknown to many, take my tip and try it!

It was a pleasure to try lots of wines from a beautiful wine list, I honestly wish I lived next door as I’d be glued to the place. It’s hard to settle on a favourite wine for the evening as each drop was pleasurable. Expect to find lots of wine by the glass in 125ml or 175ml servings. There are many bottles of wine under £30, with a lot of value found around the £35-£50 mark. Cheval Blanc also has the 1986 Château Cheval Blanc (Saint Emillion) at £800. I’d be interested in a drop if it was served under the Coravin or enomatic system. They also have orange wine! The winelist is arranged in an easy to understand format and descriptions are familiar with stories behind the wines.

I cannot recommend this place enough – the wine is amazing, the food is great and the team are lovely. I’ll be going to a Ogleshield cheese event there soon, check out an up to date list of their varied events here.


I was invite to dine as a guest of Paul Fulford and Cheval Blanc.

As always, my writing and my honest views.

Winepressgirl x

Cheval Blanc Wine Bar145 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JP / 0121 449 6344


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