Event: Grilled Cheese Night at Cheval Blanc, Moseley

20170315_193842.jpgCheese and wine? “Yes please” was my response when my friend C suggested an evening out. Cheval Blanc in Moseley are leading the way when it comes to wine and food events in Birmingham. They host events at least 4 times a month and there is something for everyone. I recently attended the seafood dinner, check out my thoughts here.

The cheese night was really informal. A large table for 9, sharing meats, potatoes and pickled vegetables, whilst warming up cheese on a communal raclette grill in the middle. We were all served an individual portion of cheese and could ask for a bit more if need be!

The cheese for the night was the British version of Racelette, Ogleshield. Ogleshield is made from the milk of the Montgomery’s herd of Jersey cows. It’s a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese, with a creamy and supple texture and a fruity and sweet flavour.

Look at that cheese go! 
The beautiful salad and meats

C and I shared a bottle of AA Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc. I’ve had this wine before and it was one of the wines on the cheese night wine recommendation list. The wine is medium bodied, with a lovely texture, almost similar in profile to a white Burgundy. A savoury character with honey and floral notes.

20170315_204901.jpgThe event only cost £17.50 and I left feeling full!! Les Amis de Cheval Blanc cardholders recieve a complimentary glass of Cava on arrival. That reminds me, I’m still waiting for mine in the post.

All in all, I loved the experience and will be back very soon! More Cheval Blanc events can be found here. Fear not there will be more cheese nights coming soon.

I paid for this myself and Cheval Blanc are not expecting a review, I just love the place!

As always, my writing and my honest views.

Winepressgirl x

Cheval Blanc Wine Bar145 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JP / 0121 449 6344


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