Event: Dinner with La Belle Assiette 

La Belle Assiette Review I love hosting guests at mine, however I hate washing up. Whilst in London, I’d host dinners for around 4-10 guests at a time, wine-a-plenty. When Emily of Good Girl Gone Brum, mentioned that she’d be hosting a dinner party with a private chef and that I was invited, I couldn’t…

Event: Wine Down Under at The Water House Project, London

I was recently invited to a Dinner Down Under, hosted by Jackson Estate and Wirra Wirra in collaboration with Chef Gabriel Waterhouse. Gabriel is an ex Chef de Partie of Galvin la Chapelle, and now runs his own supper club The Water House Project. The Evening Standard credits the supper club to be within the top 5 in London.

I made my way down to the Chef’s East London flat, for a supper club with a Antipodean wine focus. Once in, I was welcomed with a big warm smile and to the aromas being conjured in the kitchen. I was rather excited to be dining with Matt Patterson-Green (Jackson Estate) and Paul Smith (Wirra Wirra) who had brought a selection of their portfolio to showcase alongside Gabriel’s 5 course menu.

Food: Gusto Restaurant arrives in Birmingham

A new restaurant has arrived on Colmore Row and last week a few bloggers and I were invited to try out the early evening set menu. Gusto falls under the Living Ventures umbrella and is joined by The Alchemist next door. I’d heard of Living Ventures for years, but had never been to any of their bars or restaurants….

Food: Tonkotsu Selfridges, Birmingham

The secret behind every impressive bowl of ramen is patience. Since leaving London, I’ve desperately craved getting my fix. Before Tonkotsu, an authentic ramen bar was hard to come by here in Birmingham. I love cooking and I’m a bit of a whizz kid in the kitchen, however making my own ramen, the real authentic stuff doesn’t appeal…

Food: Pesti Disznó, Budapest, Hungary

Nagymező street in the busting district of Terézváros (District VI.) is often referred to as Budapest Broadway. There are many independent restaurants boasting in varying cuisines to suit most palates. Pesti Disznó, a stylish bistro offers Hungarian cuisine in a modern, yet unpretentious setting. Disznó is the Hungarian word for pig and as such expect to…