Siamais Bar Birmingham
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Food: Siamais, Birmingham

Almost one year in and the City of Birmingham continues to astound me in the sheer number of new restaurant and bar openings. We are truly spoilt for choice and as new venues keep rising, often in the ashes of burnt out restaurants, how can we decide where to spend our money? With so much… Continue reading Food: Siamais, Birmingham

Galub Jamun
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Event: 1580 Restaurant with Birmingham Bloggers

New restaurants are propping up in and around the city faster than I can open and finish a bottle of wine. I recently visited 1580 Restaurant to review their menu.


Event: Birthdays, hip hip, hooray!

I recently turned another year older and was delighted to hear of another celebrant in town. Nosh and Quaff Restaurant celebrated its 1st year, by throwing a massive birthday bash which happened to coincide with my birthday September 15th (why thank you)! The night was filled with live music, drinks and lots of food. Nosh… Continue reading Event: Birthdays, hip hip, hooray!