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Food: First Look at Wrap Lab, Birmingham

22 days into the New Year and I’m pleased to say that the fitness regime is still going extremely well. I’m currently obsessed with the Les Mills Body Pump and Les Mills Body Attack classes, with a bit of killer abs sessions thrown in for good measure. Let’s see if I can say the same… Continue reading Food: First Look at Wrap Lab, Birmingham

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Food: Chez Mal Brasserie at Malmaison, Birmingham

If you haven’t heard of Malmaison, they are a small chain of classy, stylish boutique hotels. Malmaison can be classed as a relaxed, upmarket destination. With the premise of upmarket, comes a responsibility to provide a smart brasserie with quality food and service. Their food can be described as British-cum-French.

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Food: Tonkotsu Selfridges, Birmingham

The secret behind every impressive bowl of ramen is patience. Since leaving London, I've desperately craved getting my fix. Before Tonkotsu, an authentic ramen bar was hard to come by here in Birmingham. I love cooking and I'm a bit of a whizz kid in the kitchen, however making my own ramen, the real authentic stuff doesn't appeal… Continue reading Food: Tonkotsu Selfridges, Birmingham

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Food: Pesti Disznó, Budapest, Hungary

Nagymező street in the busting district of Terézváros (District VI.) is often referred to as Budapest Broadway. There are many independent restaurants boasting in varying cuisines to suit most palates. Pesti Disznó, a stylish bistro offers Hungarian cuisine in a modern, yet unpretentious setting. Disznó is the Hungarian word for pig and as such expect to… Continue reading Food: Pesti Disznó, Budapest, Hungary