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Moving to Iceland – The Real Deal?!

Is moving to Iceland the real deal?! Well I hate being cold..

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Food: Pesti Disznó, Budapest, Hungary

Nagymező street in the busting district of Terézváros (District VI.) is often referred to as Budapest Broadway. There are many independent restaurants boasting in varying cuisines to suit most palates. Pesti Disznó, a stylish bistro offers Hungarian cuisine in a modern, yet unpretentious setting. Disznó is the Hungarian word for pig and as such expect to… Continue reading Food: Pesti Disznó, Budapest, Hungary

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English Wine Takes Over Birmingham

I often travel for food and wine adventures, however it's always a pleasure when a culinary experience is at my doorstep. With my recent departure from London to Birmingham, I was excited to hear that The Midlands had a lot to offer in wine and drinks events, the key was to find them This week… Continue reading English Wine Takes Over Birmingham